Recreational Fisheries Survey

Fishing is a hugely popular pastime for many New Zealanders, including a number of Sustainable Ocean Society members. However, around the country recreational fishermen are noticing decreasing catches and areas that were once highly productive having less and less fish. While there are many possible reasons for the current state of our inshore recreational fisheries, the past excesses of both recreational and commercial fisherman have had a detrimental effect on the populations of a large number of NZ fish & invertebrate species.

In order to preserve the fish populations that we currently have for future generations, a discussion between all users of the ocean is required. One of the first steps that we at the Sustainable Ocean Society suggest is a survey of recreational fishers. The aim of the survey is to gather opinions on:

Catch & size limits of fish and shellfish

Seasonal fishing closures due to spawning

Fishing & gathering methods

Effectiveness of Marine Protected Areas

To fill in our survey please click on the link below: