Ocean Observers

New Zealand has a community of divers who are passionate about their ocean. We want to utilize this resource and create a network of divers gathering information about the marine environment throughout New Zealand. By providing a platform for divers to gather information S.O.S aims to create a open access database of New Zealand’s ocean ecosystem. Using a two-tiered surveying system pioneered by seasearch in the UK, both trained and untrained divers will be able to contribute. This information will be used to assist communities with the creation of Marine Protected Areas, marine management and as a baseline for ecosystem health in each area of coastline. 

Our first survey is ready for action. This is the ocean observers basic survey, which can be filled out by divers who are both expert and novice in identifying flora and fauna. 

More information about the advanced ocean observers survey will be coming soon. 

After the your next dive click on the following link and download the ocean observers form to fill out and send into us (details are on the form). By filling out these forms we can start building a comprehensive database of the distribution of flora and fauna around New Zealand's coastline.