Our Mission


The Rena oil spill prompted us to look at how the way we live affects the oceans and its inhabitants. We saw a need for our group to come in at a grass roots level in New Zealand, working with the community, particularly youth, to improve ocean sustainability through education and involvement.

The result is the Sustainable Ocean Society, a non-profit organisation focused on marine conservation and ocean sustainability. We aim to operate our own research projects and campaigns as well as support sustainable research, ideas and initiatives. Our projects and work will link into an educational curriculum developed with the NZ school system so that sustainable thinking comes naturally to the next generation.

Our Goals

  • To improve the health of New Zealand’s natural seafood resources. 
  • To reduce the amount of rubbish and pollutants in the ocean.
  • To take the guesswork out of making everyday sustainable choices.
  • To support research and educational initiatives that aim to improve our knowledge of New Zealand's marine resources and pass it on to the next generation.

Our Mission

To improve the health of the oceans and coastal habitats around New Zealand through promoting and implementing sustainability at a grassroots level; to help in the creation of new marine reserves in New Zealand’s coastal waters; to educate and include local communities in protecting the natural seafood resources we have for future generations to come; and to make it easy for people to make everyday sustainable choices.

Our Vision

We have a dream: of a New Zealand where a citizen can harvest enough seafood to feed them-selves and their family for the day. This seafood will be free from pollutants, and will not affect the stocks of the resource. If the New Zealander chooses to purchase New Zealand seafood from a market or restaurant, they can be confident that the fish, is fresh, harvested sustainably, and packaged in a sustainable way.

In this future there is a culture of accountability, of responsible ownership of our resources. New Zealanders are active as the preventative measure against overfishing and pollution of our oceanic resources. We look for the bigger picture solution, not the quick fix.

We are planting a tree for our children, so that they may enjoy the shade that we will not see in our lifetime.